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Created on November 16, 2012 at 3:36 AM by Ole Cuzin Tommy

Welcome to Hick Hop Nation! All you “LOUD ASS REBEL REDNECKS” out there, this site is for you. We are working toward the best Hick hop redneck site on the web. Featuring all the top Hick Hop videos, Band bio’s, Tour dates, Lifestyle info and the best REDNECK gear this side of the Mason-Dixon line. We will be adding stuff everyday, so check back often. If you have any ideas or suggestions on things to add to or improve the site please let us know! We hope you enjoy this site and long live THE HICK HOP NATION!


Shawn Jiggins says:

Shawty this site is awesome and it is really good cuz. I relie like dis type of redneck stuff shawty. I like how da site is looking man. You gonna sell some t shirts or something?

Ole Cuzin Tommy says:

DAM RIGHT BOY! Were gonna do this thang right! Check back often, were addin stuff every day! Thanks for the comment CUZ! HOLLA LOUD AND PROUD…..

Jordan says:

Hey man like the idea you should add some JAWGA BOYZ I been listen to em for a long time and I need a way to listen to music at school and I would love it if you guyz add suum

Ole Cuzin Tommy says:

Hey brotha! We have them on the site. check it out! Thanks for visiting the site.

Big Jiimmy says:

Thought I would share pages with you. I did a song with redneck souljers a week ago. Check it out. Thanks!

Haley says:

Y’all really need to get some merch! I wanna be wearin some Hick-Hop Nation! Loud and proud baby!

Ole Cuzin Tommy says:

We have some now but are working on some new stuff! Keep checking the site for updates! Thanks, your Ole Cuzin Tommy!

Hey, check out my hilarious hick hop music video on YouTube. It’s called “Beer To Survive” by Reggie Reynolds. Feel free to throw it up on the site.


Jimmy says:

Keep it in the ruts!!!!!

Donna Tucker says:

Mini Thin AKA Malice, independent country hip hop rapper and Owner of Hillbilly Murda Records, from Weirton, WV is blazing his path on social media.out in 3 days. singles include Coal Miners Lullaby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTtaqTgTmYA , Country Roads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9oygpHzqI8 and Buckwild & Free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bZLwE4y6SA Follow him on you tube and facebook at http://www.facebook.com/minithinmusic.

tony says:

Hey im wanting to download some of your songs, how and where can i get them? Thanks

Ole Cuzin Tommy says:

The music can be found on the artists websites or on soundcloud.com. Thank for checking us out.

Richard Fowler says:

This is the best site on the web

Richard Fowler says:

Being a REDNECK is the only way to live am proud of being a REDNECK

Bobbe Trease says:

I love this website

Bobbe Trease says:

I love this website and I love the the videos that are posted

Adam Doll says:

Wanting to know how to get music on the site. There is this amazing group near me called Humbleville. They have a video on you tube it’s Humbleville -willy nelson. Check them out I think they would be a good addition to the site.

Lee holt says:

I’m a concert promoter out of Georgia. I want to book a show of this genre in Ringgold Georgia. anybody interested hit me up at Leeholt89@gmail.com

Luciano Catalan Hukdhs says:

Hi boys, this page is awesome, I love hick hop and redneck’s way of life, proud people like me, the funny thing Im not american, but what the hell!!! Well done boys!, Greetings from Chile.

Kevin Cucchi says:

I’m new to the hick hop nation, but I like county and I love hip hop or rap. I love Kid Rock, Boondox, and resently Colt Ford and Big SMO! I have always been a fan of rap music from old school main stream to the underground like Boondox and I hope to help make the hick hop nation strong!! Keep making those country rhymes, their awesome!!

Kelly Kress says:

Come to I O W A PLEASE soon we need

Charles Skellen says:

Love to see your dates posted somewhere. Maybe links to tickets even.


I’m New too this hick hop I havta admit I didn’t think I would like but I do I am a southerner…… Theys songs hit me like a ton of bricks…… Y’all keep up the awwwwwwwwesome work…… From the ANGRY DUCK……

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