The Lacs – Keep It Redneck  Check it out and tell us what you think!
BIG SMO “THIS ROAD I’M ON” Great new release off of Bonfire music!
BOTTLENECK – PUT IT IN THE AIR Bottleneck is back with another catchy song! 
Colt Ford – Titty’s Beer (Feat. Trent Tomlinson)
Laura Bell Bundy – Two Step ft. Colt Ford! Hot song and hotter video! 
Redneck Souljers – Started With a Beer  Another hit from the Souljers
The Lacs – Field Party (feat. JJ Lawhorn)
Charlie Farley “Lose Control” (Official Video) Charlie does it again! Another great song from the Mud Digger 4 album! Pre Order now on our home page!
Rulette The Rogue – White Lightning A song about Moonshine in the south! Some good smooth Country Rap!
Rulette the Rogue ft. Ben “Coon Dog” Tice “take me to the woods” Great new song from some up and coming talent! South Carolina HickHop!
Tobacco Rd Band – That’s Country featuring Colt Ford  Great collaboration between these guys! Wonderful song about the joys of being country! Good job guys!
Charlie Farley “Lose Control” (Audio)This is the audio for Charlies new song off of Mud Digger 4! Great new song and awesome album! Get the CD or MP3 Mud Digger 4 on our front page, Pre Order today!
BLADES IN THE GLADES – MIC BEBE feat. ROB STUNNA & MIKE SHEET! A little south Florida Hick Hop never hurt noboby! Watch those Blades in tha Glades! Pretty good stuff!
Nelly – Over And Over ft. Tim McGraw Flash Back! Still a pretty good song!
Big Smo “Neighbors” Live at Wild Bill’s Atlanta Fantastic song from the Bonfire Music CD! Smo does it again!
Bloke C Hick hop Feat Emcee Bonus, Riley Smith  This is some really good Bluegrass style Hick Hop! Not bad, Not bad at all!
Florida Georgia Line – Cruise (Remix) ft. Nelly Damn good remix of the hottest song out right now! Well done guys.
Big Smo & Alexander King – My Neighbors Great tune from Bonfire Music!
Joe Diffie feat. D-Thrash of Jawga Boyz Girl ridin’ shotgun This is a hot one! Can we say Radio Airplay?
Big Smo Kuntry Boy Swag Live! 
Big Smo live Honky Tonkin Wild Bills Atlanta! Fantastic show at a great venue. The show was put together at the last minute but Smo pulled it off! 
I cant Hear Ya Big Smo Feat. Alexander King My trucks so loud I can’t even hear ya! Smo you are the man!
Big Smo – HICK ROSS Here he is again, The Big Boss! This man is workin hard. There is no stopping Smo. From hard hitting lyrics to what just might be the best BBQ sauce around, this man is on fire!
ANYTHING GOES *Big Smo *Alexander King *Jon Conner  Addiction inducing beat with lyrics that let you know how it’s done in the Kuntry! 
Lenny Cooper – Rodeo  Another good one from Mista Cooper! It’s time for a Rodeo!
NAMELUSS – Leave Me Alone! Great song and video from an up and coming Power House! We think you’ll like the smooth flowing rhyme of the lyrics and the upbeat music! Great job!
PFE (Feat. Jawga Boyz) – “RED N BLACK” Great new music video from an up and coming Country Rap duo from  Ga. Under the tutelage of Jawga Boyz founder D. Thrash! These guys are headed in the right direction.
Jawga Boyz – All The Girls Wanna Ride (OFFICIAL LIVE MUSIC VIDEO) Great live onstage concert footage! These guys definitely know how to get it done! 
Redneck Social Club – If I Wuz Ur Boyfriend Y’all need to join the club! 
LoCash Cowboys – Chase a Little Love great new song and video from the cowboys!
Mikel Knight & The Duke Boyz -Dash Fulla Cowboy Hats Remix Feat. The Moonshine Bandits
Trucks Gone Wild Theme Song feat. Moccasin Creek & Big Smo
Moccasin Creek – WTF White Trash Fabulous Are you White trash fabulous?
Moccasin Creek – OLD AMERICA We want our Old America back too!
Dawg Bite – David Richt with Colt Ford Bringing the noise and the pain! GOOOO DAWGS! SICUM! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!              
Tim McGraw – Truck Yeah  Yeah! We’re HillBilly proud! This is all about being a Country boy and what we do to them trucks!
LoCash Cowboys – Hey Hey Hey (Official Lyric Video)  Another great song by #LoCashCowboys!
Anthony Smith – If That Ain’t Country – She’s got a Trans Am with a trailer hitch! That’s our kinda country! Great song and video about life in the country!
Casey Cooper – Drum cover – Ga Fla Line – Cruise! Holy cow! This kid is one “AWESOME” drummer! This Ga. State University Drummer is on fire with talent. Casey can cover any genre of music as well as write his own. This is the pure definition of talent! Sit back and enjoy! We certainly will. We want to see more from Casey! Play on son!
Lenny Cooper – Mud Dynasty  AWW Yea! Lenny’s gotta good one here! Tha Mud dealer! Great song with some good beats. Check out the video and the Shiner cameo!
Earl Dibbles Jr – Country Boy Love!  Love is swappin Dip! I’m in tha rut, Baby your my doe in heat! That’s Country Boy love!
Outlaw – Backwoods Badass  It’s tha Hick from tha sticks with his Badass video!
BOTTLENECK- RIDE ON Great song and pretty sweet video too! Bottleneck keeps rollin on with ride on! Check it out and comment below!
Mini Thin – Buckwild & Free A little song about our West Virginia HillBilly Redneck Brothers and sisters! Livin Buck, Wild and free!
Blake Shelton – Boys Round Here  Yea! We gotta new Redneck anthem!
Twang & Round – Come Together (Remix) Twang and Round are standing up and speaking the truth about the current state of  our country! Listen to the words in this song, this is our rally cry! We need to come together now more than ever to stop the nonsense that is taking over our country! They’re taking our freedom one right at a time folks! Keep speaking the truth boys.
JB and the Moonshine Band – Whiskey Days  This is another great song from JB And tha boys!
Jawga Boyz – Born And Raised In The Sticks (feat. Dez) Another great song by the Jawga Boyz!