Jawga Boyz (feat. Dez & Demun Jones) – Welcome 2 Jawga   This is it in a nutshell, Kuntry life in Jawja! Another great song by tha Boyz!
Sarah Ross restuccio your town throwdown Canada live   All we can say is “WOW!”
Kuntry Strong/Teacher Preacher/GSC- City Boi – Check out these boys from Georgia layin down some Kuntry rap! We like it and we think you will to! Super talented guys with a Hellava future!
Kaylee Rutland – Into the Circle ft. Jamie O’Neal and Colt Ford   Hot newcomer Kaylee Rutland’s new song is Smokin. You know anything Colt is in has got to be good!
Jawga Boyz – Redneck Dirt Road Riders  Damn good song from the boys from Ga. We know y’all gonna like it!
Charlie Farley – Backwoods Boys feat. Daniel Lee  Great new song About what we like about Kuntry life!
Colt Ford interview with Robin Meade  Colt talks about his new album “Ride through the Country Revisited” and his golf charity with St. Judes children’s hospital Colt Ford and friends Celebrity golf classic! Great interview.
Crucifix talks with Hick Hop Nation!  Crucifix talks with Tommy of HickHopNation.com about his life and musical journey. From being born in Atlanta to living through the Genocide in East Africa. He also shares insight into his current song and documentary “Chernobyl!” You will also learn what’s up next for this fascinating artist!
Bubba Sparxxx – Bangin’  It’s bangin alright! 
STRUGGLE – CRAZY  Ft. WAYLON JENNINGS   Another great song by Struggle!
Big Smo talk’s with Hick Hop Nation!  In this telling interview we sit down and chat with Big Smo about his life and his musical journey! You will get a fascinating  in depth look at the real Big Smo!
PFE – Country Folk’s Swang  They’re BAACK! From outta nowhere!
Demun Jones – The Muddy Muddy (Official Video)  It’s finally here! Fresh off Mud digger 4!
Cowboy Troy interview with Hick Hop Nation. Cowboy Troy talks with Tommy of HickHopNation.com about the music business his new single Drink Drank Drunk, and his upcoming album Ace of Clubs!
Colt Ford – Drivin’ Around Song  Colt does it again!  This is another hit. I want to know how he manages to get all the hot costars in his videos? Way to keep the hits coming Colt, gonna be big!
Redneck Souljers – I Mow, I Till Great new song from Tha Souljers! Makes me wanna go cut the grass!  Well, on second thought!
Redneck Souljers “Billy Ray” Mike WiLL Made-It — 23 ft. Miley Cyrus, Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa (Remix)
Colt Ford – Drivin’ Around Song (Official Trailer)  Staring Danica Patrick It’s gonna be a good one!
Lenny Cooper – Country Folks Anthem – feat. Charlie Farley  They went and tag teamed us! Perfect song for a Country Folks Anthem!
Daniel Lee – Headed South  A great song from the Mud Digger 4 album!
Baselines (Music Video) – Atlanta Braves 2013   Aaron Chewning does it again! #FearTheChop
Wild Boy – MGK Feat. Waka Flocka (Official Music Video) PARODY
Tennessee Shine – Float On  New song from them boys from Tennessee~
Gun Control – Watch What Happens When Guns Are Banned.The same thing will happen here if we let it happen. Wake up, lets put a stop to the stupidity that flows from DC! A gun ban is the final step to being in total control of the citizens of the United States of America! Don’t let this happen to us!
Jonny Cobbler-Boots lyrics video 
Cowboy Troy, Big and Rich, Big Smo – DRINK DRANK DRUNK  Fantastic collaboration between  these guy’s! The single is available now on iTunes! Cowboy Troy’s new album drops 10/29/13! You will definitely want to grab this one quick!  This “thang” is catchy!
WICKED CAN-AM RENEGADE   One bad ass machine!
NAMELUSS Rock My Soul got that island vibe! Good song!
Jessta James – If That Ain’t Country OFFICIAL VIDEO! It’s here and it’s good! 
EXTREME BARBIE JEEP RACING! You have got to see this!
HillBilly Circus – Little on the Redneck side
Redneck Souljers – Kendrick Lamar Control (Remix) Cruise Control New tune! What y’all think?
Young Gunner – I’m Strait (feat. Dez)
Jawga Boyz – Chillin In The Backwoods It’s finally here! Enjoy, it’s good!
Colt Ford – Country Thang Colt explains the joys of being from the country! It’s a country thang! Y’all understand?
Relacs – The LACS Feat. Sarah Ross This is one sweet song! Sarah Ross “Hick Hops” new darlin is taking over!
Bubba Sparxxx – Country Folks ft. Colt Ford and Danny Boone! Kuntry fried baptized in gravy! OH Lawd! Bubba and Colt! Hell Yeah!
Mudding, trucks, women and beer all that in one place means only one thing! Redneck heaven.
GOLD DIGGER – The Pigs  Australia’s got talent contestants the pigs bring a twist to country that’s sure to start a riot!
Rulette, Ben (Coondog) Tice, Longshot – Take a Back Rd  More of that South Carolina Hick Hop
Montgomery Gentry – Titty’s Beer live
Only Warning – Moccasin Creek! Another hit for tha creek!
Kid Rock – Cowboy (Enhanced Video)
Jessta James “Better Man Acoustic” Very good song and peek at what goes on before a concert!
Twang & Round “SIPPIN ON SHINE” They’re back! And still throwin out some damn good HickHop!
CRUCIFIX – “The Dreamer” (Official Music Video)  Crucifix does it again! Fabulous song and fantastic video! I’ll say it again “Crucifix is mesmerizing!”