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Redneck Souljers – Down This Road The boys are back at it! Listen to the words they ring so true!

Redneck Souljers – I Mow, I Till Great new song from Tha Souljers! Makes me wanna go cut the grass!  Well, on second thought!

Redneck Souljers “Billy Ray” Mike WiLL Made-It — 23 ft. Miley Cyrus, Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa (Remix)

Redneck Souljers – Kendrick Lamar Control (Remix) Cruise Control New tune! What y’all think?

josh This is awesome bo yall keep it up

Redneck Souljers – Started With a Beer  Another hit from the Souljers

New song by the Redneck Souljers – Make ‘em Dance (Juicy J – Bands a Make Her Dance Remix) Another great one by the Tiller Gang. Sippin whiskey and poppin cans………..

Redneck Souljers- Chief Keef “I don’t like” Parody

I still run the farm all dadgum day, I gotta bale hay!      Work it out Boyz!

Another good parody from the one and only Redneck Souljers!

The song ‘FISH’ is a parody of Lil Wayne’s “JOHN” & is a featured single on the Redneck Souljers’ debut album, ‘REDNECK LIVIN’.

Parody music video of Wiz Khalifa’s “Taylor Gang.” “Tiller Gang,” is the prequel to Redneck Souljers’ first music video – “Fish.”