Moonshine Bandits – I’m A Hellrazor feat. CRUCIFIX is one bad ass song! Crucifix rocks this thing hard and the Bandits, well they’re the Bandits need I say more? This is one for the play list for sure! The audio is hot. I can’t wait for the video!
Moonshine Bandits feat. Crucifix – Lady Luck  Oh this is just to good! We love us some Crucifix!
Moonshine Bandits – Outback There is no stopping the bandits! It seems like everything that they release is off the chain! Another hot one right here!
Outback Moonshine Bandits feat. The Lacs and Durwood Black, Great song about the things that every Redneck loves!
Moonshine Bandits – We All Country ft. Colt Ford, Sarah Ross, Demun Jones! Hold on tight, this one hits hard! Y’all are gonna like these 4 together! Great song and it tells it like it is, “We all country!” It’s great to see Sarah Ross finally in a video, HOTT!
Moonshine Bandits – Throwdown ft. The Lacs! Awww look out now! It’s a Redneck Throwdown! You guys are gonna like this one! Great song….
Moonshine Bandits – California Country This is a catchy tune by the one and only  west coast rednecks!
Mikel Knight & The Duke Boyz -Dash Fulla Cowboy Hats Remix Feat. The Moonshine Bandits
Moonshine Bandits – Shine With Me
Moonshine Bandits – Whiskey in my soul  will be featured 1/3/2013 on MTV’s Buckwild! It’s worth watching the show just to hear tha Bandits! Roll on Shiner Nation! Click the album cover to purchase CD! Related articles MTV BUCKWILD – Moonshine Bandits Whiskey In My Soul
It’s finally here! The Official Music video for “Dive Bar Beauty Queen (Feat. Danny Boone of REHAB)” Starring Tera Patrick. This is one great video!
Another great song and video from the legendary Moonshine Bandits! Shine on Bandits…..  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE THE CD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
With “My Kind Of Country,” MSB takes Shiners on a tour of their home – Central California. Rednecks from coast to coast! TAKIN OVER Y’ALL! JUST SAYIN!!!!!!
Music Video for “For The Outlawz” performed by Outlaw Country & Hip-Hop Rebels Moonshine Bandits featuring Colt Ford and Big B. The song is just a swig of what fans can expect from the band’s new album, Whiskey and Women.  © 2011 Suburban Noize Records.
Music Video for Get Loose performed by the Moonshine Bandits from the new album Whiskey and Women.   © 2011 Suburban Noize Records. Click the album cover to purchase CD!