Mocassin Creek – Low Life  If the creek don’t get your blood flowing something must be wrong with ya! Love this song!
Porch Honky (Moccasin Creek) I think we all need a little porch time! Good one guys!
Leader Of The Pack- Brahma Bull feat. Moccasin Creek!  It’s finally here! Brahma Bull’s first solo and video! We think he’ll have many more to come! Good job Big Jeff!!
Only Warning – Moccasin Creek! Another hit for tha creek!
Trucks Gone Wild Theme Song feat. Moccasin Creek & Big Smo
Moccasin Creek – WTF White Trash Fabulous Are you White trash fabulous?
Moccasin Creek – OLD AMERICA We want our Old America back too!
Moccasin Creek and The LACS – Barstools and Banjos  Fantastic colab between these guys!
Redneck in tha White house! Ya got my vote!!!!!!!!
Moccasin Creek – Redneck Nation –  Shame on you YOUTUBE for taking down this video because of the Rebel flag! You think thats “RACIST?” What about all of the Black Panther videos? I suppose that’s good clean family entertainment! @Moccasinmusic we got your back!!!!!! #hickhop,#redneck,#dixie,#moccasinmusic,#rebelflag.  LONG LIVE THE REDNECK NATION!
This Redneck is ridin down to Moccasin Creek for a little swim…………
This is  how we do things in the south! Dixie Fried is the way we live!!! You can live a hick life, a mud life, a salt life, Redneck lyfe, or any life style you choose, but we are all living it in a Redneck Nation! Yes, people will pick at us and laugh at us call us  “white trash”, but when you are Dixie Fried and PROUD, stand up, sing along, and DONT be afraid to be who you are!!!  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE THE ALBUM IN MP3  FORMAT!                                                                                                                                                                             
This is not an Official video, but a prevideo. I love the song. It is so true, THE SOUTH NEVER DIED!!!!!!!!!! God Bless DIXIE..
This is how we do it in tha HICK HOP NATION!
Moccasin creeks second album, “Southern Renegade” brings you a swampy, southern rock feel with a hip hop edge. Moccasin Creek hits it hard with this one! Rock N Roll super badass, Glen Alvelais, formerly of the legendary metal group “TESTAMENT” shreds a sick solo at the end of this track. The album is bad ass all the way through!