Tennessee Shine and the Jawga Boyz explain exactly what this Hick Hop Thang is! Great colab guys!
Jawga Boyz & Dez – Windshield Here’s the latest from the Jawga Boyz and Dez! Good stuff!
Jawga Boyz feat. DEZ – Ridin In This Rig Great song and killer video by the Boyz!  Great video shot at West Ga. mud park! Lets get muddy!
Young Gunner & P.F.E. – Pedal 2 The Metal (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) These boys have a good one here! Moving on up!
DEZ – “Born With It” (feat. D. Thrash of Jawga Boyz) Welcome back to tha game Dez! This is definitely the way to do it!
Jawga Boyz (feat. Dez & Demun Jones) – Welcome 2 Jawga   This is it in a nutshell, Kuntry life in Jawja! Another great song by tha Boyz!
Jawga Boyz – Redneck Dirt Road Riders  Damn good song from the boys from Ga. We know y’all gonna like it!
Jawga Boyz – Chillin In The Backwoods It’s finally here! Enjoy, it’s good!
Joe Diffie feat. D-Thrash of Jawga Boyz Girl ridin’ shotgun This is a hot one! Can we say Radio Airplay?
PFE (Feat. Jawga Boyz) – “RED N BLACK” Great new music video from an up and coming Country Rap duo from  Ga. Under the tutelage of Jawga Boyz founder D. Thrash! These guys are headed in the right direction.
Jawga Boyz – All The Girls Wanna Ride (OFFICIAL LIVE MUSIC VIDEO) Great live onstage concert footage! These guys definitely know how to get it done! 
Jawga Boyz – Born And Raised In The Sticks (feat. Dez) Another great song by the Jawga Boyz!
Jawga Boyz – Buckle Up Or Bow Down REMIX  Bow down to tha Jawga Boyz! These guys are moving up the food chain quick!
Jawga Boyz-Dirty for weeks Another classic song from the Jawga Boys!
Jawga Boyz-Muddy Roads,  A classic Jawga Boyz tune!
Jawga Boyz / Twang and Round – Down In A Holler OH YEAH!  Ya”ll know how we do it down here!!!! Jawga Boys and Twang and Round lettin you know how we do it down south baby! Big trucks, Bar B Q, Little honeys and Cuntry Boyz! Ain’t nuthin like tha SOUTH BABY!
Jawga Boys UGA Bulldog anthem! Jawga Boyz  singing it loud and proud! THANKS DAWGS for a great year! The true NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! 2013 the year of the DAWGS!  GOOOOOOO DAWGS SIC UM! WOOF WOOF WOOF Related articles Could Aaron Murray’s return to UGA lead Bulldogs to a BCS title? Aldean concert will look a lot like a UGA football game — and bring money to Athens Injury to limit another starting UGA lineman for the spring
Jawga Boyz – Plastic Bottle, This is it! The official video for Plastic Bottle! D Thrash lays it all out about how the choices we make on the spur of the moment can send us down the wrong road! Another good song from Hick Hop 101! Related articles Jawga Boyz / Twang and Round – Down In A Holler
LIVE footage of the Jawga Boyz performing “Rollin Like A Redneck”   CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE
Jawga Boyz – Get Out My Way  CUZIN! Jawga’s on my mind.   CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE   
Jawga Boyz – Ridin High (feat. D. Thrash, Young Gunner and Bottleneck)