Crucifix talks with Hick Hop Nation!  Crucifix talks with Tommy of about his life and musical journey. From being born in Atlanta to living through the Genocide in East Africa. He also shares insight into his current song and documentary “Chernobyl!” You will also learn what’s up next for this fascinating artist!
CRUCIFIX – “The Dreamer” (Official Music Video)  Crucifix does it again! Fabulous song and fantastic video! I’ll say it again “Crucifix is mesmerizing!”
Crucifix – Road to Chernobyl It’s finally here! Although this isn’t Country or HickHop Crucifix stood out to us even before “Splinter” with Bubba Sparxxx! Crucifix has traveled a long hard road literally, in his life and career. Just learning of what he has been through in his life, from his childhood in Atlanta where he was born, to the streets of East and Central Africa! By the time he was 18 he had lived in 15 countries and spoke 5 languages. In 1994 living in Rwanda, Crucifix and his family found themselves in the middle of one of the [More]
The Lacs – Just Another Thing (feat. Crucifix) Fantastic song by The LACS and Crucifix! These guys are great together!
Crucifix – ROAD TO CHERNOBYL – Episode 6 “THE POINT OF NO RETURN” After years of dreaming, Crucifix finally stands beneath the Ferris Wheel of Pripyat, but a careless brush with the radioactive ground turns a dream into a nightmare. Suddenly it’s his own body setting off the Geiger Counter, and the crew finds themselves facing levels of radiation up to 2,500 times normal… With the music video shot they accomplish what they came for, but will the aftermath leave them forever poisoned by the power of Chernobyl?
Crucifix – ROAD TO CHERNOBYL – Episode 5 Crucifix and his team arrive! To the ruins and radiation levels over 500 times the normal levels, they penetrate the boundaries of the eerie Ghost town known as Chernobyl!
Crucifix – ROAD TO CHERNOBYL – Episode 4 “DEAD ZONED” “What happens if we are contaminated?” …The one question racing through everyone’s mind. As Crucifix and his crew enter the Dead Zone, suddenly they’re faced with how little they actually know about radiation and the dangers of Chernobyl itself. Will they get just a harmless dose? Or are the rumors surrounding the abandoned Ukrainian ghost town really true? Geiger counters go off, hearts start pounding… and a careless mistake could reap a lifetime of painful consequences. Related articles 27 years later, Chernobyl reactor getting $2B cap
Crucifix – ROAD TO CHERNOBYL – Episode 3 “UKRAINIUM” After a long day in Rome, Crucifix and his team make their way across Germany and deep into the heart of Ukraine, but nothing will prepare them what waits on the other side… Now in the cold grip of Eastern Europe, culture shock sets in, and a call from the States threatens to end their journey just miles from the Dead Zone. With the Russian Mob at their doorstep and the lifelong effects of radiation becoming more and more real, the crew faces their biggest decision yet… Is it too late [More]
Crucifix – ROAD TO CHERNOBYL – Episode 2 “WHEN IN ROME” Crucifix and his team touch down in Rome, Italy. But things get hectic when they decide to shoot a music video in the Roman Colosseum. Ducking Italian Security, almost getting kicked out of the ancient structure, the group nabs their footage then soaks in the 2000 year old city… And the gloves come off between Cruce and Adam in a hilarious battle that will follow them through the Dead Zone and all the way home.
Crucifix – ROAD TO CHERNOBYL – Episode 1 “LEAVING HOME” HipHop recording artist Crucifix, and his team of friends begin their journey across the globe and deep into the Dead Zone of Chernobyl, to shoot his latest music video. But as he says goodbye to his kids, the reality that he might not make it home starts to sink in. Guided by little more than a dream and a song, he puts all doubt behind him and jumps on a plane toward the unknown. This series is a harrowing look into the forgotten tragedy that was Chernobyl! Crucifix and his [More]
Bubba Sparxxx – Splinter (feat. Crucifix) It’s here! Bubba Sparxxx is back. This is one heavy song and video. Bubba really opens up about his past challenges. When it seems like life is crazy and there is no sunny days ahead Crucifix has it right, Just pray to God to take the pain away. Bubba is right on point and Crucifix is mesmerizing. Nailed it guys!
Crucifix teams up with Bubba Sparxxx and Nappy Roots for his song  “Life is good” off of his upcoming album “ACID REIGN” CRUCIFIX – “Life Is Good” (Feat. Bubba Sparxxx & Nappy Roots)
Bubba Sparxxx is raised from the dead in the haunting new music video “Splinter” featuring Crucifix. This is the official trailer for Bubba Sparxx video for the new single Splinter.  This video is BADDD ASSS!  The song is an intense look into Bubba’s past  reflecting on addiction and some of his regrets. The song features Crucifix banging out some killer vocals and looks to bring Bubba back to the top of the pile! Coming 1/16/13 be ready…… Related articles BUBBA SPARXXX – “SPLINTER” Trailer Bubba Sparxxx – Splinter (feat. Crucifix)