BOTTLENECK- DIRT ROAD SOLDIERS great one from BottleNeck!
BOTTLENECK- Shotgun song (featuring Moccasin Creek)
BOTTLENECK – PUT IT IN THE AIR Bottleneck is back with another catchy song! 
BOTTLENECK- RIDE ON Great song and pretty sweet video too! Bottleneck keeps rollin on with ride on! Check it out and comment below!
Bottleneck feat Freddie Nelson – Six Pack   WOW!  Bottleneck singing a love song? Ya dang right, and it’s good too! Bottleneck threw a curveball with this one and Freddie Nelson helped jack it out tha park! I smell AIRPLAY!. Great job guys this is a hit!
Mud bogs,Bullfrogs- I’m just a redneck strait from tha woods…….