Aint nobody messin with the sticks – Charlie Farley   Charlie! Dang Boi, Throwing it down!!!!!!
Dubble Wide Boyz are sure better than the Singul Wide Boyz…….Lift um up!
Big Smo – HICK ROSS Here he is again, The Big Boss! This man is workin hard. There is no stopping Smo. From hard hitting lyrics to what just might be the best BBQ sauce around, this man is on fire!
HillBilly Circus – Little on the Redneck side
Upchurch “Chicken Willie” Upchurch rappin this one hard!
Maggie Rose – I Ain’t Your Mama! Very talented new comer Maggie Rose! She definitely ain’t your momma! WOW! Click the album cover below to purchase her new album “Cut to impress!”  
Psycho Billy Cadillac – Redneck Holiday  Oh yea! There’s always time for a Redneck holiday! Great tune and video!
Big Smo & Alexander King – My Neighbors Great tune from Bonfire Music!
Daniel Lee – Headed South  A great song from the Mud Digger 4 album!
Abbi Scott – Who I Am With You  Another great vocal by Abbi Scott!
Mini Thin – Buckwild & Free A little song about our West Virginia HillBilly Redneck Brothers and sisters! Livin Buck, Wild and free!
Bama Boys – Truck Brown from Mud! Oh My Lawd!
Sarah Ross – Shotgun,  Hick Hops sweetheart has her first video and it’s hot! This video really shows how talented she is! Whether it’s singing Country or Country Rap she can really deliver! She is definitely on the way up! We can never get enough Sarah!
The Edge of Country rap. From the Duke Boyz new album “Denim & Chrome”
Ant B ft. Bubba Sparxxx – Swaggen on Em Video,  Bubba Sparxxx is everywhere!
Bubba Sparxxx – Splinter (feat. Crucifix) It’s here! Bubba Sparxxx is back. This is one heavy song and video. Bubba really opens up about his past challenges. When it seems like life is crazy and there is no sunny days ahead Crucifix has it right, Just pray to God to take the pain away. Bubba is right on point and Crucifix is mesmerizing. Nailed it guys!
Relacs – The LACS Feat. Sarah Ross This is one sweet song! Sarah Ross “Hick Hops” new darlin is taking over!
Big Chuk – Country Boy Style Big Chuk is big on style! Kuntry boy style!
BOTTLENECK- Shotgun song (featuring Moccasin Creek)
PFE – Country Folk’s Swang  They’re BAACK! From outta nowhere!
Redneck Souljers – Down This Road The boys are back at it! Listen to the words they ring so true!
Tennessee Shine ft. JTZ – HANDS UP   Here is a great new up and coming Hick Hop duo outta Tennessee! Tennessee Shine’s song Hands up is one of those tunes that you hear and it sticks in your freakin head all day long! We see big things from these guys and Hands up will definitely be a hit song on their album to come! Leave a comment below and  tell us what you think of this new Hick hop duo! Related articles You’re No Good Linda Ronstadt cover-country-rap-r&b mix version by Sarah Ross Restuccio
Jelly Roll – Yippie Ki Yay Could this be the next Redneck anthem? Judge for yourself, we like it!
Texas Hippie Coalition – Pissed Off and Mad About It
My chick BAD, My Chick Wood She drive a stick shift like ya wish ya chick could……… DAISY DUKES AND SPURS!                                                                                                                                                                  
Good Ol’ Boyz – Showdown Nice! Smooth flow with a bad ass country kick!
Sarah Ross – You’re No Good  – This girl is the absolute real deal. You guys are seeing a super star in the making. Every time I listen to her I’m in awe. Can’t wait for more!
Big Snap featuring The Lacs​ – We Party Hard  This is a catchy tune about what we like to do on the weekends “Party Hard” Great job Snap!
Mudding, trucks, women and beer all that in one place means only one thing! Redneck heaven.
Wild Boy – MGK Feat. Waka Flocka (Official Music Video) PARODY
Twang and Round – All Wired Up  From Mud Digger 5 Is off the chain! Twang and Round got a winner here!
Jamie Bergeron and the kickin Cajuns – Cajun rap song Straight out tha swamp! Our Bayou Redneck buddies with sum Swamp Rap!
Music Video for Get Loose performed by the Moonshine Bandits from the new album Whiskey and Women.   © 2011 Suburban Noize Records. Click the album cover to purchase CD!
Lady Antebellum – Just A Kiss By MattyBRaps  Saw this little fellow at The Braves Game last year! Incredible talent, in a small package! Big things are coming for this little guy, you can bet on it!
BOTTLENECK- DIRT ROAD SOLDIERS great one from BottleNeck!
AAWWW Baby! Shake it like that…  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE!                                                                                            
The Lacs – Keep It Redneck  Check it out and tell us what you think!
Chad Mac “Party In The Woods” feat. Afroman There ain’t nothin better than a party in the woods! Chad and Afro spittin it out!
We don’t do no douggie! Just take me on your buggy!!!!!!!
Mikel Knight & The Duke Boyz -Dash Fulla Cowboy Hats Remix Feat. The Moonshine Bandits
Bubba Sparxxx – Bangin’  It’s bangin alright! 
Lenny Cooper – Redneck Country Song (feat. Bucky Covington) Great new song! Fantastic job guys!
Moonshine Bandits – Throwdown ft. The Lacs! Awww look out now! It’s a Redneck Throwdown! You guys are gonna like this one! Great song….
Meghan Linsey feat. Bubba Sparxx – Try Harder Than That – Great video and song. Meghan is “HOT” and bubba is “SMOOTH!” y’all gonna like this!
Luke Bryan (I See You) Remix Feat. Duck Down and Buck Shot Great remix from the Firemen! Good one guys!
Ben “Coon Dog” Tice ft. FatRat Da Czar – Party In Dixie!  This is the original Party in Dixie!
DEZ – “Born With It” (feat. D. Thrash of Jawga Boyz) Welcome back to tha game Dez! This is definitely the way to do it!
Kaylee Rutland – Into the Circle ft. Jamie O’Neal and Colt Ford   Hot newcomer Kaylee Rutland’s new song is Smokin. You know anything Colt is in has got to be good!