GO DAWGS SIC UM! ROLL OVER THE TIDE!  UGA SEC Championship Hype Song. Created by students from start to finish in a little over a day to share the fun and excitement spreading around campus. This video is for the students, fans, faculty, team, and the BULLDOG NATION. We ready to win the SEC! Dawgs on Top. Featuring: Rance Nix, Louis Hokayem, Jackson Griffeth, Casey Courter, Sam Burchfield, Graham Williams and Luke Cross Filmed by: David Goehring and Spencer Rice of The Society of Greater Things (www.societyofgreaterthings.com) Production Company
Another great song and video from the legendary Moonshine Bandits! Shine on Bandits…..  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE THE CD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Music video by The Lacs performing Wylin’ (feat. Bubba Sparxxx).  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE!
Neal McCoy – Live performance Country Fest 2007, Cadott, Wisconsin
Mikel Knight-The New Single from the Mix tape “The Country Rap King”. Here is “Pack Yo Bags”. Mikel Knight and the Outlaw Band on Tour 2012…New Album “Country Rap King”     CLICK ON THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE                                                                        
Hillbilly Murda! Must have been some bad Shine……
BIG K.R.I.T. – Country Rap Tunes
Colt Ford, Brantly Gilbert and Jason Aldean – Dirt road Anthem.   CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE!                                                                                                                                                           
Colt Ford Ft. Sunny Ledfurd – Nothing in Particular
Sunny was pontoonin fore pontoonin was cool!  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE THE CD!                                                 
Camo, Ammo, 12 point Buck, Thats how we all hang….   CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE SONG IN MP3 FORMAT 
There is always thaat one person that goes and gets, NAKED WASTED……  click the album cover to purchase in mp3 format  
AAWWW Baby! Shake it like that…  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE!                                                                                            
I still run the farm all dadgum day, I gotta bale hay!      Work it out Boyz!
Another good parody from the one and only Redneck Souljers!
Dubble Wide Boyz are sure better than the Singul Wide Boyz…….Lift um up!
My chick BAD, My Chick Wood She drive a stick shift like ya wish ya chick could……… DAISY DUKES AND SPURS!                                                                                                                                                                  
Kinfoke, Big Smo, Bull, CB3 Sneed From tha album From the Stix to the Brix!     CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE IN MP3 FORMAT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
More from Kinfoke, Put 35s on it.  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE IN MP3 FORMAT                                                              
kinfoke, kuntry 2 the core, big smo, cwb   CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE IN MP3 FORMAT
This is  how we do things in the south! Dixie Fried is the way we live!!! You can live a hick life, a mud life, a salt life, Redneck lyfe, or any life style you choose, but we are all living it in a Redneck Nation! Yes, people will pick at us and laugh at us call us  “white trash”, but when you are Dixie Fried and PROUD, stand up, sing along, and DONT be afraid to be who you are!!!  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE THE ALBUM IN MP3  FORMAT!                                                                                                                                                                             
from “Justified (TV Series 2010)”, Justified’s theme song. WOW!   CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE IN MP3 FORMAT
Another great song from Gangstagrass! All I can say is DAYUM!                                                                                                                          
Track from the Gangstagrass album “Rappalachia” featuring T.O.N.E-z. The video is coming soon. This is just a cool song. CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE IN MP3 FORMAT
Gangstagrass: Gunslinging Rambler featuring R-SON live at Southpaw!   CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE IN MP3 FORMAT
The Official Music Video for “Bound to Ride” from Bluegrass Hip-Hop band Gangstagrass. First music video release off of the band’s second album “Rappalachia”. Featuring R-Son and Dolio the Sleuth. This is just CRAZY!  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE IN MP3 FORMAT
This is a 7 minute Documentary featuring Nelson W. Winbush, a black son of confederate black soldier Luis Napoleon Nelson who fought under Nathan Bedford Forest, founder of the KKK. A series of interviews, documentation, stock footage, and reenactments all collaberate to help defend the Confederacy and it’s soldiers against it’s notorious reputation in regards to black slavery and what the confederate flag actually stood for.   * Here is how the flag came to be. The best-known of all Confederate flags-the battle flag-is often erroneously confused with the national flag of the Confederacy. The battle flag features the cross of [More]
Check out the official video for the theme song “Lick Life” by Big Smo featuring Alexander King starring Ronnie, Bobby and Amy from the hit show “Lizard Lick towing and Recovery” on TruTv!  CLICK THE IMAGE TO PURCHASE THE SONG ON MP3 FORMAT   
BIG SMO “The BOSS Of The STIX” Knows How To Hold It Down For TENNESSEE! Moonshine Sippin In The Backyard To Kickin’ It Out On The Farm , He’s Got This!  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE THIS SONG IN MP3 FORMAT
Music video by Rehab performing Bartender Song (Sittin’ At A Bar). Dam good song…  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE THE CD!
Music video by Rehab performing Can’t Catch Up. (C) 2012 Average Joes Entertainment  CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE THE CD!
Music Video from Rehab’s new single, “King Of Tweakers” from the ‘Gullible’s Travels’ album. CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE CD!
This is not an Official video, but a prevideo. I love the song. It is so true, THE SOUTH NEVER DIED!!!!!!!!!! God Bless DIXIE..
The song ‘FISH’ is a parody of Lil Wayne’s “JOHN” & is a featured single on the Redneck Souljers’ debut album, ‘REDNECK LIVIN’.
Parody music video of Wiz Khalifa’s “Taylor Gang.” “Tiller Gang,” is the prequel to Redneck Souljers’ first music video – “Fish.”
LIVE footage of the Jawga Boyz performing “Rollin Like A Redneck”   CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE
Jawga Boyz – Get Out My Way  CUZIN! Jawga’s on my mind.   CLICK THE ALBUM COVER TO PURCHASE   
With “My Kind Of Country,” MSB takes Shiners on a tour of their home – Central California. Rednecks from coast to coast! TAKIN OVER Y’ALL! JUST SAYIN!!!!!!