Charlie Farley – All I’ve Been Through is the title track from Charlie Farley’s sophomore album. Givin us a little insight on who he is.
Tennessee Shine and the Jawga Boyz explain exactly what this Hick Hop Thang is! Great colab guys!
Chad Mac “Party In The Woods” feat. Afroman There ain’t nothin better than a party in the woods! Chad and Afro spittin it out!
Upchurch “Chicken Willie” Upchurch rappin this one hard!
Big Snap featuring The Lacs​ – We Party Hard  This is a catchy tune about what we like to do on the weekends “Party Hard” Great job Snap!
Moonshine Bandits – I’m A Hellrazor feat. CRUCIFIX is one bad ass song! Crucifix rocks this thing hard and the Bandits, well they’re the Bandits need I say more? This is one for the play list for sure! The audio is hot. I can’t wait for the video!
Demun jones is throwing another fine piece of work at us! “Give em hell” that’s what he does! Throw in the Lacs and Danny Boone and you got a great song! Give em hell boyz! Demun Jones – Give ‘Em Hell
Colt Ford – Truck Step Oh man this is good! Lots of action,Mud and trucks. What more do you need?
I4NI – Muscle Car Good song and sweet cars!
Charlie Farley – Southern Summertime (feat. Daniel Lee) Oh man the summer anthems just keep rolling out!
Trailer Choir – Ice Cold Summer (Lyric Video) This is and great summer ’16 anthem
Colt Ford – Outshine Me,  Another great one by Colt!
Demun Jones – Bronco – feat Jelly Roll,  got it going on here! Buck it like a Bronco!
Lenny Cooper – Redneck Country Song (feat. Bucky Covington) Great new song! Fantastic job guys!
Moonshine Bandits feat. Crucifix – Lady Luck  Oh this is just to good! We love us some Crucifix!
Mocassin Creek – Low Life  If the creek don’t get your blood flowing something must be wrong with ya! Love this song!
Moonshine Bandits – Outback There is no stopping the bandits! It seems like everything that they release is off the chain! Another hot one right here!
The Maverick Mikel Knight “We Don’t Give A Truck”  Sometimes you just have to be like that!
Outback Moonshine Bandits feat. The Lacs and Durwood Black, Great song about the things that every Redneck loves!
Big Chuk – Country Boy Style Big Chuk is big on style! Kuntry boy style!
The Lacs – God Bless a Country Girl The boys are still cranking them out!
Mikel Knight – It Didn’t Come Like That! This is one catchy tune, Mikel is raising the bar!
Jawga Sparxxx – Feat. Dez We Try! These guys are doing great things! Like it!
Big Smo – Got Me,  He’s back and he’s still the “boss of the sticks!”
Colt Ford – Crank It Up   Colt reels in another fantastic song! Y’all gonna like this.
Young Gunner “Click Clack” Great new song from #GunnerFromJawga!
BoonDock Kingz Ft Teacher Preacher & The Wheeler Boys-Trashy Ever  Look out! These guys, got it together!
Sarah Ross – You’re No Good  – This girl is the absolute real deal. You guys are seeing a super star in the making. Every time I listen to her I’m in awe. Can’t wait for more!
Say My Name – Cap Bailey  Yes he’s back! Great new song sure to be a hit!
So Let’s Go by Jessta James featuring Jah Free! It’s nice to see Jessta back!
Whosoever South – Down Here  Yea! It’s country all the time! As it should be!
Bama Boys – Truck Brown from Mud! Oh My Lawd!
Bluefoot – I Don’t Wanna Forget
Mini Thin – City Bitch  Mini Thin is back with a few words for those city girls!
Dirt Road Therapy – Southern Royalty feat Jon Wayne I do believe the world needs some Dirt Road Therapy!
Luke Bryan (I See You) Remix Feat. Duck Down and Buck Shot Great remix from the Firemen! Good one guys!
Psycho Billy Cadillac – Crazy Down In GA   Here is the new video! We agree it’s crazy down in GA.
BOTTLENECK- DIRT ROAD SOLDIERS great one from BottleNeck!
Here’s some more newcomers, Duck Down and Buck Shot – Get Muddy These two guys are Fire fighters during the day! They are definitely on fire!
Jawga Sparxxx – Never High Enough Yes it’s here! The much anticipated colab from Bubba Sparxxx and Jawga Boyz! Cool song, nice video, cool trucks and a cameo from Gold rush’s Todd Hoffman!
Mikel Knight “Cowboy Way” Here a new upbeat catchy little number from The Maverick!
Jawga Boyz & Dez – Windshield Here’s the latest from the Jawga Boyz and Dez! Good stuff!
Whosoever South – Come on In! Oh man this group is hot! They bout to take y’all to church!
The Lacs – Nothing In Particular (Official Video) Here’s the latest video by the Lacs. They continue to bring some good stuff to tha table! We think you’ll agree it’s another winner!
Way Of Life – Cypress Spring – These newcomers team up with The Lacs and Danny Boone for a great new Kuntry anthem. Good stuff guys. 
The Kuntry Boyz – This Is The Life – Check out newcomers The Kuntry Boyz! Y’all let us know what ya think! We love to see some new blood in tha game! 
The Redneckz – Get Wit It!  These newcomers have a hellava future! Great song and video!